Office 365 Communication & Collaboration

Whilst the traditional components of Office (Word. Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc.) remain, today Office 365 is so much more. Office 365 offers immeasurable possibilities for how your staff and customers work and connect with each other. Collaboration between people is enhanced with screen sharing, video conferencing, presence and chat tools.

Few organisations are using, or even aware of, the full potential of the software they already own as part of Office 365. Let Diamond IT guide you through these possibilities with our team of Office 365 communications and collaboration specialists that live and breathe Office 365.

Business Process Automation Consulting

Technology provides numerous ways to improve productivity by automating manual processes. Business process automation can improve your work environment, reduce risk and help better serve customers.

In today’s competitive landscape you need to be as effective as possible with limited resources.

Business process automation can help in a number of ways. Mundane or complex processes can be time consuming, confusing and prone to error. There’s always an important reason for these processes, but often the business outcome isn’t what was required or expected.

Business process automation consulting can help you find areas for improvement, evaluate technology solutions and provide information regarding anticipated ROI. These investments can provide long term benefits to your organisation.

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