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You’re not “just a number” to us.

Diamond’s team of specialists offer a more personal service. We value our customer relationships. This leads to Diamond having a deep understanding of your organisation’s needs.

With over 10 years software development experience we have been helping customers with their digital transformation. Diamond will engage with your staff to understand current work practices and provide solutions that streamline your business processes.

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What we offer

Platform Development and Integration

We help you get the most from established platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure. Diamond helps you take advantage of Business Process automation by customising and developing these environments.

We can also help you get synergies between these and other systems with our highly specialised skills in systems integration.

Application (App) Development

When it’s not possible to find an “off the shelf” application that meets your requirements, Diamond can help you create applications and apps from the ground up. We use the .Net framework to ensure your solution is built on an industry standard platform.

Our team will scope your requirements and develop a purpose built solution to meet your needs, with experience in Cloud based, On Premise and Mobile web application development.

Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Document Creation

Having convenient access to Business Intelligence (BI) is important, but it’s often challenging to achieve. Our experienced team can help you improve your business information environment using a combination of software development and business analytics.

Diamond’s skills extend to building data warehouse environements to help you store and access information that isn’t otherwise readily available. Diamond’s primary BI platform is Microsoft Power BI which uses commonly used systems such as SQL, Excel and others. The document creation platform we use is Xperido.

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