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You need your service to be online all the time so you can stay connected with customers and keep your staff productive. Diamond chooses only the best quality services available.


SDWAN wide area network software defined

Software Defined networking in a Wide Area Network is a hybrid technology operating at a software level that blurs the lines of traditional Internet-direct and private Wide Area Networks.

Internet Services

Internet Services

Diamond IT can “connect” you with a wide range of Internet Services from a range of Tier 1 Carriers.

Private Networks


For Multisite operations, Private Networks are best way to get a fast, reliable and secure connection.

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Software Defined networking in a Wide Area Network is a new technology that reaches across the previously diverse Internet-direct and private WANs of the past in a manner similar to the benefits we’ve seen in the past through Virtualised Computing and Software Defined Local Area Networking (SD-LAN).

SD-WAN separates the customer from the constraints normally placed on a wide area network customer by putting the control of the WAN at a software level where the network is much easier accessed for configuration, reporting and statistics collection.

Diamond IT works with multiple hardware and connection providers to give you the SD-WAN service that suits you.

Diamond’s typical installation utilises Fortigate products and our own DNet connections.

The benefits of SD-WAN are numerous and include:

  • Scalability and flexibility – MPLS and Internet connections are often lengthy and frustrating to organise, with SD-WAN gives you options to painlessly add resources for reduced or increased demands on bandwidth.
  • Improved control and reporting – Traditional end-point devices were under the control of the network provider and provided little to no data or control to the customer. With SD-WAN your end-point exists “inside” the providers end-point device and is under your control.
  • Security – SD-WAN includes “baked-in” encryption that seamlessly operates across private and public (Internet) networks.


Internet Services

The requirements for business compared with residential are very different. Diamond can help you choose the right business grade product for your needs. This includes supplying you with the devices, solutions and plans to help your organisation stay ahead of the competition.


Private Networks

At Diamond we assist in designing, implementing and managing this one stop communication platform, which will enable your staff to enjoy reliable, fast and secure access to their systems, applications and data.


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