In a connected world, reliable internet connections are very important

You need your service to be online all the time so you can stay connected with customers and keep your staff productive. Diamond chooses only the best quality services available.

Internet Services

Internet Services

Diamond IT can “connect” you with a wide range of Internet Services from a range of Tier 1 Carriers.

Private Networks


For Multisite operations, Private Networks are best way to get a fast, reliable and secure connection.

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Internet Services

The requirements for business compared with residential are very different. Diamond can help you choose the right business grade product for your needs. This includes supplying you with the devices, solutions and plans to help your organisation stay ahead of the competition.

The key advantages of Telstra Business Broadband:

  • Reliable and fast – Internet connections (with a static IP address) that are segmented from general home user traffic once the connection makes it to the exchange.
  • Usage information – ‘CustData’ access empowers you with the ability to monitor your data usage across the billing cycle.
  • Excessive usage cap – A plan that you never pay more than $300 in any given month which protects you against those scary, excess usage bills.*

*Conditions apply

Diamond will manage your business grade broadband account from end to end including:

  • Data allowance management- Diamond receive email notifications when you have reached 50%, 80% or 100% of your data allowance, enabling us to take action to avoid excessive usage or reconsider your choice of plan.
  • Technical support- We contact technical support on your behalf taking care of the “tech talk” and giving you the most convenient access to Telstra’s Australian-based helpdesk that provides 1 hour response time and 2 hour action time.
  • Hardware supply- We have the resources to procure and manage additional hardware for your Broadband service such as routers etc., should they be required.

Private Networks

If your organisation has multiple locations, the best possible solution to connect your computer network is Telstra’s Connect IP. Connect IP is a private, integrated communication solution that can combine your voice and data network into one. This service has minimal upfront costs, helps reduce network complexity and provides various features that improve productivity and the way you do business.

At Diamond we assist in designing, implementing and managing this one stop communication platform, which will enable your staff to enjoy reliable, fast and secure access to their systems, applications and data.

Benefits of Connect IP:

  • High level of security- share financial information, customer data and sensitive information with confidence.
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity- backup, restore and manage applications from one central location.
  • Flexible network access- staff can access network resources from anywhere they can use the internet, using an optional integrated access port to the NextG network.

Connect IP is an end-to-end solution. Diamond will provide you with a single point of contact for support and other enquiries.

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