Why use Diamond IT for your cloud solution?

Cloud computing provides you access to expensive infrastructure solutions at a fraction of the cost of implementing them yourself. Cloud provides you with a flexible and scalable way to access the resources you need from just about anywhere.

Diamond IT can help you find the right solution. We are experienced in the design and implementation across a range of cloud providers and platforms. We are vendor agnostic and will match your requirements to the best solution available.

We have a proven track record of assisting organisations move their data, email and applications to the cloud. We’ve helped thousands of people migrate to Office 365.

Diamond Cloud

Diamond IT has our own cloud platform that provides you with access to computing power, backup and Voice solutions. Diamond Cloud (DCloud) has been purpose built to provide our customers with more affordable access to the cloud, whilst still providing the core benefits of an Enterprise level data centre.

With DCloud you only pay for what you need when you need it.

What cloud solutions can we provide?

Cloud technology comes in many forms from many vendors. The options available to you can be complex and daunting. Diamond IT was a first mover to cloud and has deep experience in a number of cloud technologies.

  • Public Cloud – We help people design, migrate, maintain and monitor public cloud solutions like Office 365, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – We can help businesses transition their Server workloads from on premise to an IaaS cloud solution, including Vocus, Telstra and our own DCloud.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – We can help you maximise your technology investment by utilising PaaS solutions such as SharePoint, Azure and SQL Database (SQL as a Service).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – We can work with your software vendor to ensure a smooth transition from a traditional client/server software applications to a cloud based SaaS platform.

Case Study: Helping BlueZone Group keep "ahead of the tide" by moving to the cloud.

SITUATION: BlueZone Group are an Australia-wide provider of cutting edge technology to enable operations, science, maintenance and repair of underwater or water-based environments.

BlueZone Group were faced with aging IT infrastructure running legacy operating systems. They needed to improve reliability and performance across multiple sites on both coasts of Australia. The environment needed to be scalable to handle peak load periods and future expansion.

SOLUTION: Diamond IT proposed a project where new Virtual Servers would be built in Diamond Cloud before data was migrated from the old system to the new system, with the exception of Microsoft Exchange.

The Exchange Server was migrated to Exchange Online (Office 365), including a large number of public folders.

Hosting the BlueZone Group virtual servers in the Diamond Cloud environment provided a safe, reliable platform based in a local data centre. This provides redundancy for power, fire protection, Internet connections and security. All of this is under the control of Diamond, rather than with a 3rd party provider.

“Thank you all for your work in making this possible. It is the third server upgrade that I have been involved in and the easiest by far due to your efforts in planning, preparation and execution.”

Elizabeth Karpiel, General Manager – Operations, BlueZone Group

RESULTS: The migration completed in March 2018. Through careful planning and expertise, this complex project was efficiently run and proved to be a great success. BlueZone group’s success is built on their unique specialist knowledge as well as merger and acquisition activity. Strategically, DCloud’s ability to quickly scale to their dynamic business environment is very important. This helps keep BlueZone Group “ahead of the tide”.

“At BlueZone Group we always look for the opportunity to build scalable systems. This gives us options for the future and helps to ensure that we are building to last. Our IT systems are core to this and Diamond IT has understood our approach and added value to our business.”

Neil Hodges, CEO, BlueZone Group

What cloud providers do we work with?

Diamond IT was a “first mover” to the cloud and is vendor agnostic. Our only focus is helping you select the best vendor to meet your business needs.

We help people design, migrate, maintain and monitor cloud solutions from international leaders like Google Cloud, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We also have our own more affordable solutions available through our DCloud offering.

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