How to protect against Cyberattacks and better understand data breach laws

Risks relating to Cybersecurity are greater than ever. Cyberattacks continue to become more complex and more impactful. Governments around the world are now putting the onus on businesses to keep customer data safe. Whilst this is reasonable, it adds another layer of risk for businesses to manage.

In early June, Diamond IT hosted technology and financial leaders at our inaugural Cybersecurity Breakfast Event. The event was a great success and garnered media interest across print, radio, TV and online outlets. Feedback from attendees was very positive, with the consensus being our speakers provided valuable insights into Cybersecurity threats and trends as well as effective strategies that will help them to protect their organisations.

Since spaces were limited we’re conducting a follow up Cybersecurity Webinar. The webinar will summarise the content covered at the event and expand on Diamond’s Cybersecurity health check service. This affordable service helps organisations that are unsure of how they are placed to protect their organisation. The service is available to both customers and non-customers of Diamond IT.

This Cybersecurity Webinar will be held on Wednesday the 29th of August at 10:00am. Register now to get a better understanding of how to protect your organisation.

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