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Webinar: Cybersecurity Webinar August 2018

Risks relating to Cybersecurity are greater than ever. Cyberattacks continue to become more complex and more impactful. Governments around the world are now putting the onus on businesses to keep customer data safe. Whilst this is reasonable, it adds another layer of risk for businesses to manage.


Event: Cybersecurity Industry Breakfast

The growing risk to business from unauthorised computer system access and attacks was the focus of our recent Cybersecurity Industry Breakfast attended by top Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists. We hosted this June breakfast, in partnership with Fortinet and the NSW Cyber Security Network, which was aimed at informing and supporting Hunter organisations and ICT leaders to mitigate possible threats.


Webinar: NBN – What to Expect…

Understanding NBN can be overwhelming, this webinar starts with the basics and moves on to the challenges you may face in provisioning the NBN, finishing up with the future direction of NBN and the exciting benefits it has. Grab a coffee and take the time to watch our brief  Webinar where Chris Cox, Diamond’s Presales Team Leader and Engineer, covered The NBN and What to Expect…


Webinar: Three-part Ransomware Webinar Series

The effect that Ransomware can have on your organisation can be devastating. Our three-part Ransomware Webinar Series hosted by Diamond Director Martin Thurgate and Diamond’s security expert Peter Lambert, will help you learn about the growing threat of Ransomware, along with techniques to help you minimise your network vulnerabilities. Start with the overview of the growing threat of Ransomware including real examples and how to avoid them and then move on to risk management tactics that you can implement to prepare your organisation against potential Ransomware attacks


Webinar: Cybersecurity – are you protected?

With researchers revealing the discovery of computer malware so sophisticated that it managed to hide undetected within enterprise and government computers for five years; and Yahoo recently revealing one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity breaches – what hope do small to medium businesses have? Simple security breaches can happen to anybody – at work or at home, grab a coffee and catch our 15-minute webinar on Cybersecurity…


Webinar: Cloud Computing – what you need to know

In a constantly evolving world transformed by cloud, social and mobile technologies, companies are focussed on strategic platforms for streamlining processes, reaching customers and expanding sales. Cloud Computing has been – and will continue to be – a big player in the game. Watch our Cloud Computing webinar, during which Diamond IT Director, Martin Thurgate outlined the Top 5 things you need to know before moving to the Cloud.


Webinar: Mobile Data

If you missed our Mobile Data Webinar on how you can avoid excess data charges on your mobile plan, you can now view it at your own leisure. A definite “must view” if you have ever had an excessive phone bills. With more than HALF of smartphone users experiencing the surprise of an unexpectedly high phone bill it is no wonder the term “bill shock” has become so common…



Mandatory Australian Notifiable Data Breaches scheme – are you ready?

2nd March, 2018

On the 22nd February the Australian Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme came into effect, which means you are now legally required to report any data breaches that occur within your business. To avoid your reputation being on the line, it is important to ensure your organisation is not open to a potential data breach that you may need to publicly announce…


New Locky Ransomware – what you need to know..

1st September, 2017

While Petya and WannaCry grabbed all the headlines recently, they were largely unsuccessful in that they made almost no money from ransoms – not so with Locky. The Locky ransomware was much more successful in this area, in what has been estimated as a $1 billion USD revenue for ransomware in 2016. Around the 1st of September 2017 approximately 23 million messages were sent out with a new strain of Locky and so far, it has infected tens of thousands of computers.


Petya “Ransomworm” outbreak update

29th June, 2017

As was the case with the recent WannaCry outbreak, this threat is a combination of a traditional ransomware attack and a worm that uses a vulnerability in Microsoft’s operating system to spread to other machines. However Petya is far more destructive and can render machines unbootable and according to reports it is not actually possible to pay the ransom to recover the machine. Learn more…


WannaCry Ransomware Advisory

15th May, 2017

In the past few days there has been a global outbreak of a malware strain known as “WannaCry”, “WCry”, or “Wanna Decryptor”. WannaCry is spreading, demanding a ransom of 0.1781 bitcoins, currently $434 AUD. Here are some steps you can take right now to protect your home and business…


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