A key feature of DMS is our custom developed ticketing system. Ticketing systems are very important to ensure that support is well structured and focuses on the right issues at the right time.

Our system allows your staff to log an issue and monitor its progress through to resolution. As a result, they always know what’s going on and we’re transparently accountable for our performance.

Diamond’s ticketing system is unique in the market and helps keep you productive by addressing some issues that are quite common in the IT industry.

  • It eliminates wasted time and energy caused by having multiple people from your team or ours unintentionally involved in the same or a related issue.
  • Ensuring the detail of each technical issue is clear to the Diamond team, so your staff won’t have to repeatedly explain a recurrent problem.
  • This also ensures we identify the root cause and have the best change to fix issues permanently.

Conveniently placed in the bottom right corner of your screen, this is your ‘ticket’ to unlimited support.

Our management team uses quality review systems that monitor required response times and resolution progress to ensure that your technical issues are always responded to quickly and seen through to a swift resolution.

Overall, DMS helps reduce the disruption of on-site service calls, improves network up-time and enhances your business productivity.

Whilst DMS is a very impressive piece of technology, what really matters is the people that use it.

We work hard to select the best people and make sure they have time to help when you need them.

We’re here when you need us