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What Types of Technology Consulting do we Offer?

We help you better understand how your customers engage with you and how your business can be more successful. Our consultants will guide you through how to improve productivity through business process automation, better understand existing software solutions and provide advice on how to select new platforms.

Ultimately our technology consulting helps you better understand your business today, where you aspire to be in the future and how to plan out a roadmap to get there…


IT Strategy and Decision Making

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) consulting helps you establish the most useful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your organisation and helps plan the best way to access them. This eliminates wasted time looking for information and helps your organisation make more informed decisions.

Diamond IT’s BI consulting services help simplify the process of selecting the best solutions from the vast array of options available.

You can select the level of engagement with our team that meets your needs. Our Business Analysts can focus on business concepts, technical aspects or both if required.

IT Strategy Roadmap

Technology can provide exciting benefits to an organisation, but it needs to be aligned with your business goals and strategy. Whether you need an independent review of your existing IT Strategy or need help to create one, Diamond IT has the technical and planning expertise to help align your IT investment with your organisations goals.

When unplanned events like a merger or relocation occur, we can help adjust plans to allow for integrating systems or overhauling current IT systems which no longer align with your business needs.

We work closely with your management and IT staff to ensure the focus is on business outcomes, whilst elevating the value of IT within your organisation.

Infrastructure Resource Management Consulting

Business Software Selection and Appraisal

To be productive and help your customers, your organisation needs to get the most from your software systems. You need the best solution for each business function and where possible systems that provide multiple functions or integrate with other systems. You also need to prepare for the future, so establishing the best environment can be quite complex and requires specialist skills.

When conducting Business Software Selection and Appraisal our team engages with different parts of your organisation to find the most impactful areas for improvement. Our experienced Software Developers and Business Analysts appraise the functionality and technical aspects of your existing and potential software systems.

Diamond IT will help you decide which platforms are most suitable and we can then help you project manage the implementation by your selected provider.

IT Audit

Whether you outsource your IT services or utilise internal resources, it is good business practice to regularly undertake IT Audits. This ensures assets are accounted for and performing as expected. Engaging an external specialist such as Diamond IT reduces the risk of areas being overlooked and also provides an alternate perspective.

Diamond IT’s offering goes beyond the traditional approach. Further to documenting systems, you have options such as Diamond IT appraising technical aspects of your software systems or providing design recommendations.

We help you ensure that your IT resource is documented and accounted for, designed to meet your needs and performing as you expect to meet the demands of your customers.

Project Management

When you have a complex project to implement and you don’t have the required IT project management skills, it’s important to the success of the project to use an experienced specialist.

Our experienced project managers are committed to ensuring IT projects run smoothly and customers are well informed throughout the process. We use the industry best practice PRINCE2 methodology. Ensuring your project runs on time, on budget with a quality end result is our primary objective.

Talk to Diamond IT about how we can provide Project Management services to ensure your next project is a success.

Productivity and Customer Experience

Office 365 Communication & Collaboration

Whilst the traditional components of Office (Word. Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc.) remain, today Office 365 is so much more. Office 365 offers immeasurable possibilities for how your staff and customers work and connect with each other. Collaboration between people is enhanced with screen sharing, video conferencing, presence and chat tools.

Few organisations are using, or even aware of, the full potential of the software they already own as part of Office 365. Let Diamond IT guide you through these possibilities with our team of Office 365 communications and collaboration specialists that live and breathe Office 365.

Business Process Automation Consulting

Technology provides numerous ways to improve productivity by automating manual processes. Business process automation can improve your work environment, reduce risk and help better serve customers.

In today’s competitive landscape you need to be as effective as possible with limited resources.

Business process automation can help in a number of ways. Mundane or complex processes can be time consuming, confusing and prone to error. There’s always an important reason for these processes, but often the business outcome isn’t what was required or expected.

Business process automation consulting can help you find areas for improvement, evaluate technology solutions and provide information regarding anticipated ROI. These investments can provide long term benefits to your organisation.

Technology Security

Cyber Security Technology & Policy Assessment

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, so it is important to remain proactive and vigilant with respect to IT security. Diamond IT can help your organisation assess your current security design and configuration and then design security solutions to help protect your business systems and confidential information.

We work collaboratively with your team to review existing IT security infrastructure and processes. We will help you design and plan a cyber security solution that reduces risk and educates your staff on how to avoid cyber threats.

Cyber security has evolved to become more than a technology issue that can impact operations and business information. It can also present legal risks and impact brand. It’s worth getting an independent assessment to ensure you are appropriately addressing this area.

Data Protection & Acceptable Usage Policies

Whilst cyber security threats get a lot of headlines, there are also operational factors to consider in order to keep your data safe. It’s important to ensure that your organisation is using the internet, and handling data, appropriately. Confidential information should only be accessible by the appropriate people within your organisation.

The manner in which your organisation handles data is particularly important in the Cloud and BYOD world we live in today.

Diamond can review how confidential information is handled within your organisation:

  • What technologies are used?
  • Who has access?
  • Are staff clear about where data should be stored securely?

Ensuring staff understand their responsibilities when using business technology in the office or from home is one of the keys to avoiding data loss. Diamond IT can help you review or create an acceptable usage policy. We can help keep your data safe and keep your staff productive.


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