As a Telstra Dealer, Diamond ICT can process NBN orders on behalf of your company, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your business.
As part of this process, there are three distinct phases:

NBN connection

  1. NBN Serviceability: NBN serviceability at your address will be determined.
  2. Initial Order: Diamond will place the NBN order on your behalf through Telstra, from the completion of the relevant paperwork including a request for your signature, to the placement of the order.
  3. Coordination of the NBN provisioning: Diamond will manage the coordination of technician appointments with Telstra and NBN through to installation.


NBN Ordering Challenges

The NBN provisioning process has proven to be very challenging and time consuming. Engaging us to manage this process through for you, for a small charge for our involvement, will remove you from the day to day issues.

The challenges above are numerous, and below are examples of the most common problems:

  • Address disparities: Unfortunately not every company address in the NBN system matches Telstra’s address, adding extensive delays if there is a mismatch. This process requires liaising with NBNCo and Telstra to link both their internal systems which can hold up the NBN provisioning.
  • Service Scheduling: NBN connections require a Telstra technician and an NBN technician to come to your business. These technicians very rarely arrive at the same time with the one appointment, so two appointments are scheduled. These appointments are often postponed, as it’s impossible to anticipate a network outage within your area or a neighbouring business experiencing a line fault, and these typically take priority.

Service Cost

Diamond can act as your point of contact throughout this process, effectively acting as a project manager. A small fee of $300 ex GST is required to cover the cost of our involvement.

Important Notes

  • Should NBN serviceability not be possible, an admin fee of $80 ex GST will only be charged.
  • Once an order is placed, Telstra & NBNCo generally tend to deal directly with the primary company contact in which case, please contact us ASAP and we will take this over for you.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if more than 3 reschedules are requested by the company.

Customer Acceptance Form

Should you wish to engage us in this area, please download and send back this form today – NBN Statement of Works

Or contact us for more information via the form below or on 1300 307 907.