System security is one of the most important aspects of network stability. While security generally isn’t an issue that affects the way you work day to day, it’s very important. In conjunction with our DMS maintenance and monitoring systems, the most crucial tool to keep your systems secure is patching. Patches are written by software vendors to repair bugs and improve stability. Without updates, your system will quickly become vulnerable to security threats.

By not applying patches you may be leaving the door wide open for malware to come in. Malware exploits flaws in the un-patched systems in order to do its work.

Diamond’s automated patch management software regularly applies the latest patches in a structured way which allows us to block any patches that have been found to cause issues. This is all done without our technicians needing to touch your systems, reducing any chance of human error. When a new layer of protection or stability enhancement becomes available your system will be updated. Diamond’s systems also allow us to implement one-off fixes when necessary to major security threats.