How do Diamond’s Business Technology Managers help customers?

Our Business Technology Managers (BTMs) work closely with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their business. They help customers understand technology trends and risks and how to get the most from their technology resources.

Our BTMs success is aligned with our customer’s success and overall satisfaction.

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Our BTMs help customers budget and plan their IT strategy and roadmap

In today’s ever-changing technology landscape, our Business Technology Managers are skilled and motivated to stay on top of the latest trends. They work closely with our customers to assess their IT environment and plan a technology roadmap for the future whilst identifying opportunities to use new technology tools.

Our BTMs assess and address key technology issues such as Security, Risk, Productivity, Communication, Collaboration and Business Intelligence amongst others to ensure our customer’s IT environment is optimised and aligned with their goals.


Our BTMs advise, advocate and simplify technical issues

As dedicated account managers, our BTMs provide a personalised and proactive resource. They act as a single point of contact to make it easy to get the most from our team of experts and our wide range of solutions including Managed IT Services, Infrastructure Solutions, Software Development and Technology Consulting.

Through extensive experience across multiple industry sectors as well as in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business, our BTMs adapt to our customer’s requirements. They make it their goal to ensure the IT environment is aligned with business goals and customers are satisfied with our overall offering.


Our relationship with you is important to us

Diamond’s Business Technology Managers are part of a friendly and professional team that keeps the technical jargon to a minimum, so we can best work together to keep you productive.


We are Here to Help you Succeed

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