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cyber-securityCybersecurity: n. Technologies and processes that protect IT assets from cyber attacks…

With researchers revealing the discovery of computer malware so sophisticated that it managed to hide undetected within enterprise and government computers for five years; and Yahoo recently revealing one of the world’s biggest cyber security breaches – what hope do small to medium businesses have?  Take our Security Assessment to see where you sit.


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For more information on Ransomware, a type of malware that infects and restricts access to a computer system or files until a ransom is paid to unlock it; how to best protect your business and to view updated real examples, view our Ransomware Updates page.

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For customers on a Managed Services Agreement for their IT systems.

Diamond is using our comprehensive skills in Managed Services to take every possible measure to help protect our Managed Services customers.

  • Managed Services architects, software developers and engineers are doing everything possible to stop variants entering our IT Managed Services customer’s networks. Using our unique DMS system we have been able to roll out protection against some of the variants, but we make no guarantees as new variants are being created all the time.
  • As a standard component of our Managed Services agreements, we’re continuously monitoring backups to ensure if an event occurs your information is safe. We’ve recently launched a cloud backup product that provides an extra layer of isolation to protect the backup from infection. For all customers, including those not on managed services agreements.
  • Awareness is a major factor, we’ve been very active in our communication to raise awareness of this threat.
  • We have developed some very innovative ways of tracing the damage to cut down the time taken to restore data.