Events and Announcements


Cybersecurity Breakfast Event – Thursday, 7th June
Diamond IT, Fortinet & the NSW Cyber Security Network will host our Industry Cybersecurity Breakfast. We are holding this breakfast event for IT and Business leaders who want to better understand the cyber security landscape from a business, social, legal and technology perspective.

Micro-Webinar: NBN – What to Expect…
Video now available
Understanding NBN can be overwhelming, this webinar starts with the basics and moves on to the challenges you may face in provisioning the NBN, finishing up with the future direction of NBN and the exciting benefits it has…

Micro-Webinar: Ransomware New Threats – how are they evolving?
Video now available
We will help you understand more about these new threats, such as WannaCry and the more recent Petya virus and how to ward them off…..

Micro-Webinar: Ransomware Risk Management – are you prepared…
Video now available
Diamond Director Martin Thurgate will cover important techniques that help minimise network vulnerabilities and avoid security breaches…

Micro-Webinar: Business Communications Solutions – we have you covered
Video now available
A full functioning and effective phone system is one of the most important aspects of your organisation.

Micro-Webinar: Cyber Security – are you protected?
Video now available
Simple security breaches can happen to anybody – at work or at home…

Micro-Webinar: Cloud Computing – what you need to know
Video now available
The top 5 things you need to know before moving to the Cloud…

Micro Webinar: Windows 10 – features and upgrade
Video now available
Find out whether upgrading to Windows 10 is the right decision for your business and our recommendations for implementing this upgrade as well as key features & benefits…

Micro-Webinar: Mobile Data
Video now available
If you missed our Mobile Data Webinar on how you can avoid excess data charges on your mobile plan, you can now view it at your own leisure. A definite “must view” if you have ever had an excessive phone bills.



Telstra to discontinue 2G network
December 1 2016
Find out more how our Telstra Solutions Specialist team can help you find the best and most cost effective plan for your business…

Major Malware Threat
Ransomeware FAQ’s
Important questions & answers regarding a dangerous new virus called CryptoWall, including what to look out for, and what to do if you’re business is affected.

Diamond Group sells Diamond CCTV and Data
September 2015
On the 3rd of September 2015, Jason King acquired 100% of Diamond Comms Pty Ltd trading as Diamond CCTV and Data from Diamond Technology Group.