About Martin Thurgate

BAppSci, MCSE. Director and General Manager. After moving to Newcastle in the mid-nineteen nineties, Martin finished his IT degree and worked in a technical role in the internet services sector. He joined Diamond in 1998 as an IT technician and in 2000 he became a director and equal owner of the business. Over the next decade Martin assumed various roles inside the business, including customer facing technical roles, direct sales, Sales Manager and General Manager. This mix of hands on technology and business experience combined to make Martin one of the leading ICT experts in the region, with unique skills in helping businesses realise the potential benefits that ICT can deliver to increase productivity and reduce costs. Martin is most passionate about providing a superior customer experience, and helping other businesses harness the benefits of utilising technology. “Having built a highly dynamic, efficient, award winning business, I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and helping other businesses gain a competitive advantage through the use of technology.”

5 tech resolutions to enhance your IT strategy roadmap in 2018

With the New Year upon us, we share our Top 5 technology resolutions that should be an essential part of your IT strategy. Resolution 1: IT Security – Reinforce employee education on ransomware and other cyber attacks With repeated reports of Ransomware and Cyber threats circulating, we recommend you add IT security as a topic [...]

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Why we don’t always recommend Cloud

In the last 5 years or so, ‘Cloud’ has certainly become a hot topic and rightly so. There are many benefits to be gained from Cloud based technology, as computing resources and software application can be managed and delivered to customers via the Internet, on many different platforms and devices. The pricing structure of Cloud [...]

Diamond’s top 3 NBN tips

As the NBN rollout starts to really ramp up, and businesses in numerous areas are now being forced to transition to the NBN, I have put together some updated thoughts and experiences that Diamond has faced with the NBN over the last 6 months… Provisioning – don’t leave it to the last minute So, what [...]

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Petya “Ransomworm” outbreak update

As another ransomware virus goes global, we continue to recommend measures to stay ahead of these attacks… As was the case with the recent WannaCry outbreak, this threat is a combination of a traditional ransomware attack and a worm that uses a vulnerability in Microsoft’s operating system to spread to other machines. However Petya is [...]

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Upgrade now to Windows 10 for better security

As I watched the news and read various news articles relating to the WannaCry ransomware attacks over the last few weeks, I was struck by the details that emerged about large organisations using old, unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows desktop operating system (such as Windows XP). Windows XP was a very reliable operating system, and [...]

Mandatory data breach notification scheme…

Are you taking “reasonable steps” to protect your customer’s data? Within 12 months you will be required legally to report data breaches that occur within your business. Review our tips on how to avoid data breaches in the first place and what will be required in the event of a data breach… What is the [...]

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How healthy is your Active Directory?

Active Directory (or AD as it’s commonly referred to in the IT world) is the centre piece of your Windows network’s security, but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of it. If you have heard of it, chances are it was only mentioned by your IT provider in vague terms – something [...]

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Is your Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server) secure enough?

It’s no secret that cyber-crime is on the rise, and that all organisations – not just large corporates and enterprises – need to take steps to secure their IT network. Almost all organisations now have the basics covered, such as anti-virus software and hosted anti-SPAM systems. Many are now also realising the importance of perimeter [...]

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Top 10 IDC industry predictions…

A recent publication by IDC on the top 10 IT industry predictions for Australia got me thinking about what trends are likely to impact not just the enterprise, but small to medium organisations also... The prediction I found most interesting was number 5, the ‘Immersive Interface’. IDC are predicting that in 2017, 60% of consumer-facing [...]

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Why your choice of IT Provider is so important…

I recently participated in a presentation to Australian Computer Society, where my business partner Robert Buck and I reflected back on providing IT services to small to medium sized business over the last 20 years. In preparing for the presentation, I was reminded how 20 years ago, there wasn’t really any concept of ‘Cloud’ and [...]

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